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RE: (TV) Ray / John Lennon's Jock Strap

You know what I like about this discussion.....just the fact that it's
taking place with a total absence of "this doesn't belong here", or "take
this to the Beatles,Who,Kinks,whoever list if you want to talk about it".
Once again I've been moved into delurking to comment on what a cool list
(and therefore what cool people reside here) this is.

As for the topic on hand I've never been a big Beatles fan.  I certainly
appreciate their place in history and they deserve it but it was a combo of
talent and the right place at the right time.   In the battle of whether or
not one is a Beatles fan or a Stones fan I'm firmly in the latter category.
I'd rather listen to Plastic Ono Band than any Beatles record.  

I love the Kinks but do agree with the comment that Ray can't hold JL's js
but maybe Paul's.  And I will faithfully attend this summer's Who concert
but think maybe it's time for them to give up the ghost as well.

Now, about that still unseen Tom Verlaine/Jimmy Rip show at the Atlanta High
Museum.......Anyone have a bone to throw me?

Sorry for rambling but nice to visit,

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