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Re: (TV) Ray / Marc /Ziggy/poss new threads.

OwenGwilliam@cs.com wrote:
    I find that period hard to dismiss,
    mainly because ONE FOR THE ROAD, SLEEPWALKER, MISFITS and          LOW
BUDGET were my
    intro to the band.

i'm in the same boat you are tho conducting archaeological digs a few years
later & discovering "face to face", "something else", "village green", "arthur"
& all the singles (by way of "kinks kronikles"...there's a great record!) did
put the 70s & early 80s stuff somewhat to shame....i actually saw the kinks live
a number of times from round 81 to 86 ("word of mouth" being the last rec i
could stomach) & there were moments (few & far betwixt, i must say) where you
saw & felt what the 60s classics promised.
even saw em do "sitting on my sofa".

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