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Re: (TV) RE: 1880 Or So not being a hit

    Leo wrote:
> Moreover, we all know that Capitol Records did a miserable job of promoting
> Television (we can fantasize about what might have happened if '1880 Or So'
> had been released as the single in U.S. and properly promoted, but I don't
> think it would have received the needed airplay (at least in 1992 pre-mpeg,
> pre-music on www, etc.) to be a hit.

    Here's one of the reasons for the lack of promotion on that Capitol LP.
First of all it got pushed back a week because there was a new Beatles comp
coming out so that Capitol wanted to put all of there resources into that.
Even with that one week delay Capitol did nothing to help promote that LP.
They made two promo CD singles and that was it. Had I not pushed for the
I probably would've gotten the usual minimal amount, 1 poster, 2 flats, and
an in-store play copy. Fortunately I hounded them six weeks before it came
out. There were never any follow up calls to track it. I use to report to
one of the trades and always reported that LP on my top 10 in-store play and
sales. If you looked around the rest of the country no one else was
reporting it except for a couple of shops in San Francisco and LA, oh and
one in Chicago. It was a travesty. Promoting a band that was dead 20+ years
ago and letting a new release die. Of course, once the new brass took over
at Capitol TV were the first band to be dropped from their roster. So, back
into obscurity. Too bad. M T c

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