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Re: [(TV) 'Most Unknown'/TV Boston Phoenix Article/Scanning TV photo]

What's always struck me about Verlaine's humility and reclusiveness is how
markedly it contrasts with the authority of his playing.  It's almost as if
the humility is a bit of a tease, and something that he uses as an artistic
tool.  One of the things I like most about his solo in "Marquee Moon" is the
way he kind of backs into it.  For the first half-minute or so, his attitude
seems to be "Oh dear, was I supposed to play a solo here?"  But by the time we
get to that first screaming dissonance, we realize that a) Tom's in complete
control, and b) he's probably taking us somewhere we've never been before. 
The whole developmental pattern of the solo is actually quite sensual, from
the initial "foreplay", through the band's lockstep pounding up the chromatic
scale, to the release of those beautiful strummed chords right before the
reintroduction of the riff.  (Anyone ever notice that the instruments reenter
kind of backwards from the way they came in at the start of the song?)

- Jeff

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