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(TV) Sleater-Kinney

This from the current issue of Tower Records Pulse magazine, in an article on

...Their interplay is often much more reminiscent of the 70s New York-based
band Television -- the guitar lines snake around each other, darting in and
out of traffic; frequently they slam head-on.

"I like the way Tom Verlaine plays," Brownstein says.  "And Andy Gill, from
Gang of Four.  And I like the way that Bo Diddley plays, and Mary Timony -- we
did some shows with Helium two years ago in Europe, and I've always liked her
guitar playing a lot.  With Television, I loved the way their guitars
interacted; same with Gang of Four.  Consistently in Sleater-Kinney, I feel
like I go back to them."

- Jeff

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