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Re: (TV) Martin's mp3

At 4:21 PM +0100 5/27/00, Raymond wrote:
Just heard Martin Olsen's version of "Friction" today-this is truly
wonderful stuff and is now my current joint favourite along with Keith's
take on "Prayer".... -shades of the Residents and Devo
perhaps but totally original and utterly contemporary-great job!

Both of these are damn good tracks, particularly since they're real reinterpretations of the originals. My first thought on hearing "Friction" was Raymond Scott, but I've been thinking a lot about his stuff lately. (Maybe the first composer to work in sound blocks. And everyone's heard "Powerhouse.")

I'm digging the two "Guiding Light"s, as well. The LH definitely has a cool vibe going (sounded fine to me, btw), and Chris Chapple's version is a great pleasure--particularly in the way it starts out totally simple and unassuming, and then slowly builds into something grand. Well done, Chris, and the Lounge Hounds, too.

Maurice Rickard
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