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Re: (TV) Hitchcock

of course it's all in good cheer & this is exactly why i dig posting to this
i haven't seriously ever attempted the cut-up method...i'm not a huge burroughs
fan, tho i have enjoyed the brion gysin stuff i've come across...& i'm a big fan
of dada/surrealism (tho i lean more toward the political/social engagement of
the dadaists), so i'm not arguing for some kinda apollonian clear light of
verlaine's lyrics on "marquee moon" pull me in cos they straddle the line
betwixt abstraction (which if it goes too far can be simply impenetrable) &
realism (if we wanna break it down that essentially...apologies for the art
world cliches).
the warm hard details of those songs inform the more curious lines (i think
we've already discussed "life in the hive puckered up my night", which, while
it's part of a great song, ain't really too terrific a line), creating a vital
dialogue...AND most importantly; a narrative.
when i hear pavement or the worst of hitchcock or much of beefheart for that
matter, i'm lost....it's too personal, too inscrutable, nothing's compelling me
into that world, making me care bout what's happening....
& as old-fashioned (& perhaps moralistic) as this is gonna sound, i'm at a point
in my life where i NEED meaning....i'm tired of coy nihilism, artsy turnabout
where the words just dance for my delight but don't allow me to stay & dig in
deep: in short, i'm demanding meaning that speaks to the experiences we know as
love, work, heartbreak, EMOTIONAL veracity, etc...
& please don't take this as an attack on the enjoyment you may get outta cats
like malkmus, van vliet, et al....i just love the fact that this list gives me
(& everybody else) the opportunity to vent & sweat out this shit....
testimonial pause.

Martin McClellan wrote:

> Well, I can't speak for Malkmus, not knowing them or their work, so they may
> have not done a good job of it, but I hope you're not suggesting that
> Burrough's cut-up technique is lazy. Have you ever attempted it?
> A good example is british artist Tom Phillips, and his work A Humument, in
> which he appropriated a victorian novel named A Human Document and has
> painted or altered every page to locate found poetry. See www.humument.com
> if interested. Phillips claims Burroughs as a direct influence.
> And besides, laziness has little to do with it. Although I agree that
> Hitchcock's abstraction is just plain silly at times (I think he intends it
> that way) I think that the lack of abstraction at all in modern music is
> atrocious. What would good 'ol Capt. Beefheart have to say (well, we might
> not be able to understand it if he did speak...)? It's not about laziness,
> it's about breaking our standard modes of linear thought.
> Anyway, taste is another issue and it doesn't appeal to some. That's fine.
> But Eric, do we really need to know what every Pavement song is about to
> enjoy it? Did anyone here understand Marquee Moon the first time they heard
> it? I've heard Verlaine blasted for the inanity of falling into the arms of
> Venus de Milo ("it doesn't have arms!"), but it sounds just fine to me.
> Finally, would you call Cage's 4'33 lazy?
> 'nuff said (all in good cheer, by the by),
> Martin
> did you realize that malkmus took a book of ashberry's poetry, chopped it up
> &
> applied a burroughsian "cut-up" method to the lyrics for one of their recent
> records???
> & by the by, that ain't "art-rock"; it's lazy.
> bedwellm@WellsFargo.COM wrote:
> > Well, I would agree with you on GBV's account. In regards to Pavement, I
> > think there is alot of signifying going on. In the same sense, if I may be
> > so bold, as the poetry of John Ashbury (tho, not as informed. That will
> come
> > with experience.)
> >
> > Micah
> >
> >
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