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(TV) More Hitchcock

I dunno, although Hitchcock has wrote his share of
pretentious lyrics, quite a few of his tunes are quite
clever (i.e. Fifty Two Stations, My Wife and my dead
wife, Egyption Cream, I Often Dream of Trains, Mexican
God, She Doesn't Exist etc.).  Also, his band the
Egyptions was basically the Soft Boys minus Rew until
Jewels for Ophelia in which Rew co-wrote some songs
and even showed up with his guitar.  When the chips
are down, most pop songs have
lyrics anyways, Hitchcock may just be a little more

What list is this anyways, Fegmaniax? 


Post note thoughts while avoiding whatever I do for a
living: I wondor what would happen in this thread if
"Hitchcock" was replaced with "Verlaine" and "Rew"
with "Lloyd."  Would it potentially be the same

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