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Re: (TV) Neon Boys & Richard Lloyd

At 10:47 AM 6/5/00 -0700, you wrote:
>The full story on the Neon Boys Shake EP and the 1991 CD reissue can be found
>No unreleased Neon Boys demos circulate on tape, and they never played any
>shows as far as I know. Someone should convince Tom Verlaine to release the 3
>demos on which sang... they might be the Holy Grail of Television fans.

The same person that told me Lloyd has a record deal , also told me that
Richard Hell and The Viodoids are reforming to do one song . They are being
paid a large amount of cash for this.
>From what I understand the people paying for this get to keep total rights
to the song. 
I, for you, would be really happy to see Ivan Julian make some dough. He is
one of my favorite guitarists and a really great guy.

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