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Re: (TV) lloyd's new record: sales

At 04:10 PM 6/7/00 -0400, you wrote:
>(1) Take the number of members on this list
>(2) Add the 10 copies Carlucci will order for his store
>(3) Assume 300 people in the world will read about the release and pick it
up...and there's your rough total for the immediate future
>Probably more free copies to critics and indie/college stations will be
distributed than copies purchased.

When I was in London in december, all the musicians I talked to over there
wanted to know about the NY bands, like Television, and the Voidoids, among
others. There are people still interested in this stuff.
Even younger musicians I run into, the ones of that have heard of
Television are huge fans. Plus I am constantly talking up TV to people when
the subject of music comes up. So I certainly hope that he'd seel alittle
better than you predicted.

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