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(TV) Recent listenings

Hi all,

Here's my recent listenings:

XTC- Wasp Star
King Crimson- The construkction of light
Corin Curschellas - Valdun (Voices of Rumantsch)-thanks Michael!
Neil Young- Archives be damned 2000 (5 cd set of unreleased tunes)
Harold Budd- By the dawn's early light
The Wondermints
Adrian Belew- Coming attractions
Michael Brook- Albino Alligator

I'm a fan of Scott Walker's, too, although I only have Tilt and a greatest hits collection.

I've also just read Let it Blurt, the Jim Derogatis bio of Lester Bangs. It was a great read, highly recommended. I have the 2 Lester Bangs lp's, but I've never heard the Let it Blurt single, and wish I had, now that I know Quine played on it. I have practically everything else Quine has played on, and I wish there was more to be had.

I'm now reading a Whore just like the rest, a collection of rock-writing by Richard Meltzer, which I am not enjoying as much.


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