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Re: (TV) bonus points to anyone who gets this one

OK I'll bite...
Talk Radio?  Some other Eric Bogosian product?

In a message dated 07/14/2000 5:02:01 AM Central Daylight Time, 
jpontrelli@nallmiller.com writes:

> The Apollo Program was a Hoax Petrol bombs and barricades - Anything to 
> our
>  say. Consequence of no choice at all - Empires rise and empires fall.  
> time to turn some tables. Cause if we have the vision I know that we are 
>   Suck on my words for a while and choke in the truth of a million dead. 
> There is no prestige in your titile, we are after your head. The 
> of everything is the beginnig of something new. Your new
>  world is on file and soon you'll be too. Sabotage will set us free. Throw 
> rock in the machine.                                                        
>  --------------
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