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(TV) Verlaine/Groening!!

Hi All

About a month or so ago the BBC did a Simpsons night. As both my video
players had broken down I've only just started watching a video copy that a
friend did for me. Amongst the programmes was a documentary about Matt
Groening. As they got to the part of the story where Matt moved to LA and
started creating his 'Life Is Hell' strip I nearly fell off my chair when
loud and clear over the top came the opening bars of Friction. It proceeded
to fade in and out but they played quite a bit. I was still reeling from
that when they played the opening few bars of Elevation. It all seemed to
fit in really well. Presumably Tom will get some royalties from the BBC for
this as the programme seemed to be made by them.
This poses a couple of questions. Was the producer of the show a Television
fan? Was the music chosen just because the band happened to be called
Television?(I doubt it and hope not). Most interesting to me, especially as
I love both TV and the Simpsons/Futurama, is Groening a Verlaine fan?(he
certainly loved Zappa and Beefheart as a kid).
At the end of the show  Groening said he has a great idea for a programme
based around rock n roll. Imagine if Tom ended up working on such a
Never thought I'd be able to do message linking Tom and the Simpsons!



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