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Re: (TV) Psychedelia

Hello all. 

I hope you all are having a lovely summer. Here's some of my favorite
psychedelic offerings, none too obscure I'm afraid: Between the Buttons is a
psychedelic pop masterpiece I think, straight punk on My Obsession or All
Sold Out, whimsical fairy-like twee on Ruby Tuesday or She Smiled Sweetly
(one of my favorite all-time Stones songs, along with Sittin' On A Fence and
I Am Waiting, also from the same "High-Brian Jones" era, as I like to call
it), Dylanesque folk, harbingers of Beggars Banquet on Who's Been Sleeping
Here?, funky R&B on Let's Spend The Night Together, English demented
music-hall on Something Happened To Me Yesterday (very much like On With The
Show from Satanic Majesties). And how about that twisted blurry blue cover
with Brian at his most other-worldly? That must have gone over well in
January 1967. The piano (is it Ian Stewart or Nicky Hopkins?) is so cool on
this record, as is Charlie Watts. I think it's some of the weirdest drumming
on a pop record. Yeah, I know the Stones with Mick Taylor are great, but
Aftermath, Buttons and Flowers (and most of Satanic Majesties) do it for me
Next, in the English music-hall/twee vein, I love the Kinks "Village Green
Preservation Society", with it's lovely harmonies, endlessly refreshing and
inventive guitar melodies, swirling mellotrons, images of cats sitting in
trees, getting fat and pointing out maps. The same feeling of Victorian,
English nostalgia that the Beatles exude on Magical Mystery Tour (my
favorite Beatles album). All of the Kinks songs are so wonderful from this
period, but for me their psychedelic peak was Village Green and the
Wonderboy single, with it's sissy la-la-la chorus like riding an antique
carousel. Or the piano flourish at the head of Berkeley Mews.
Also twee, the Zombies "Odessey and Oracle" of course, and Billy Nicholls
"Would You Believe" on Immediate Records with the Small Faces, just reissued
on CD. An English Smile.
Pink Floyd's Piper, and all of the Syd Barrett-era singles like Arnold Layne
or Candy And A Currant Bun. The Move's first record and the Who Sell-Out, of
Fleetwood Mac's "Then Play On" or Albatross always makes for excellent
psychedelic listening.
Side one of Love "Da Capo", the droning guitars and vocals on the Byrds "It
Won't Be Wrong" and "The World Turns All Around Her" from Turn Turn Turn, or
"Why" or "Lady Friend". "We're Only In It For The Money" by the Mothers,
"Ptooff!" by the Deviants, Cheap Thrills by Big Brother &the Holding
Company, Moby Grape's first record. Traffic's first two records.
I ramble, sorry.

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> 1) Small Faces "Odgen Nut Gone Flake" lp.
> 2) Pretty Things "S.F. Sorrow" lp
> christopher hollow wrote:
>> I'm with Raymond on "Tomorrow Never Knows" - the pinnacle of the Beatles
>> achievements & "2000 Light Years From Home"... also "We Love You" is one of
>> the best Stones tracks ...
>> Some of my favourites are the Monkees' "Porpoise Song", Traffic Sound's
>> "Meshkalina", the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's "I Won't Hurt You"
>> and the Kinks' "Lazy Old Sun"
>> but one great overlooked psych song is the Jimi Hendrix Experience's "1983"
>> ..
>> i've also got a home recording of this track which is also amazing ...
>> chris
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