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Re: (TV) The myth of Audiophilus

I seem to remember finding John Cale's WALKING ON LOCUSTS almost unlistenable,
and blaming it on bad production... it had this weird, "shimmering" sound that
was initially likeable but grated after 2-3 minutes!


--- Maurice Rickard <maurice@mac.com> wrote:
> Thanks for reminding me of two other great examples of bad 
> production: REM's _Automatic for the People_ and Tom's _Cover_.  In 
> the first case, John Paul Jones smeared a massive schmaltzy string 
> section all over the thing.  It might have been a great collection of 
> songs if done right, but as it stands it's unlistenable for me. 
> (Couldn't they have gotten Mick Harvey if they wanted to do strings 
> right?  _The Good Son_ turned my head around about string sections.)

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