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Re: (TV) Floods

In message <000f01c0494b$ee51ffa0$978cd2d1@default>, Michael Olcsvary
<olcsvary@icehouse.net> writes
>I'm just wondering how our English list members are doing in light of the
>spectacular (and disastrous) flooding in England.  Anything I can do to

Well, we live near the South Coast (Chichester) which is one of the
worst hit places. Kid's schools are closed, so they're happy. The last
time this happened people were moving around the city in rowing boats
(true). But we're pretty safe and, as Jeremy says, compared to others
it's small stuff. Although we did have what was officially called a
Tornado ten miles away.

We live in on of the dampest countries in the world yet every time this
happens you realise how completely unprepared the authorities are for
this kind of thing. Same old thing.

But, yes, thanks for asking. I guess you could always arrange for the
USAF to fly in emergency aid parcels containing Television bootlegs,
thick socks and copies of "Grow Fins", the Beefheart retrospective, on
vinyl. That might help!



Keith Allison
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