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Re: (TV) What CDs are you listenin' to at the office?

In a message dated 11/10/00 3:36:37 PM Eastern Standard Time,
keith@marquee.demon.co.uk writes:

Tom Waits: "Mule Variations" (this is the goods!)
Wavewalkers demos (mail Raymond now!)
Waterboys: "A Pagan Place"
Tom Verlaine: "Last Word is the Lost Word"
Beefheart: "Lick My Decals Off Baby"
Rolling Stones: "Exile on Main Street"
That Petrol Emotion: "Final Flame"

Yeah, MULE VARIATIONS is also pretty damn wonderful, and wow .. someone else
who's even heard of A PAGAN PLACE?

I only just finally heard LICK MY DECALS OFF BABY, and that's another stunner.

      -- Owen

I keep chiming in here, but for once, I'm seeing favorite after favorite in
people's CD players!

Owen Gwilliam
http://shadowy.brainiac.com (The Shadowy Page On A Shadowy Web)

"I've suffered for my music, now it's your turn"
-- Neil Innes, "Protest Song"