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Re: (TV) Strangestrange

> You're welcome!
> The whole set will be on CD-R in a near future.

I went to just about every NYC show that the first Richard Lloyd Quartet
(later Quintet) did and only recorded one. I'll have to search for that
tape. I do have a lot of  live Television my favorite show being from a
place called Syncopation in Westchester which was really a Beefsteak
Charlie's, which is a steak joint that gives you all the tap beer or sangria
you can drink along with your dinner.
I only have the second set, which turned out to be a "request" set, to quote
Tom. They played just about everything anyone yelled out for.
When I get my new hard drive installed, I'll try putting some of these tapes
onto my harddrive and make CD's, then I'll be ready to trade.
On a sad note, I don't remember seeing anyone post it, but these past 2
weeks have been fuzzy for me, Richard announced at his last Manitoba's gig,
the one with Courtney Lee Adams, who played quite a set with Fred Smith on
bass, that Velvert Turner had passed away.
I only knew Velvert for the few months we played together in Richards band,
but it greatly saddened me to hear of his passing.
Does anyone know where I could get a copy of Velvert's record? I am not sure
if he did more than 1, but the one I am looking for Velvert didn't even have
a copy of, because the company that released it, did so illegally and
Velvert was at that time looking for a copy so he could use it as evidence
to sue whoever released it.
I'm still looking for a copy of the one CBGB's ( I'm not every sure of the
date, but we did Redhouse as an encore with Richard on harp and Velvert
singing) show I did with Richard's band because it was the only show
recorded with that lineup. Richard's then manager, Michael (can't remember
his lastname) promised me a copy and then never came through. Richard if you
read this and have a copy, i'd be eternally grateful for a copy.
Boy was i rambling there or what? Sorry!

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