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RE: (TV) Television on at 6pm NYC time: webcast help


I think it'll probably be...interesting over a modem, but it can be done. You probably will have a small screen size, and you won't have your fingering questions answered, but you should at least be able to hear and see. Never used WMP before, but RealPlayer and Quicktime pretty much work that way too. Now the _big_ problem might be the bandwidth available to the ATP server, but fortunately there are far fewer Television fans than, say, Eagles fans...


At 10:15 AM -0600 4/6/01, Greg Grant wrote:
I've never watched a webcast before but this is definately an exception.

At home I am running a cyrix 366, windows 98 and my telephone modem tops out
at 44,350 bps. I do not even know if I have a current version of media
player anymore.  Can I watch a webcast on this system?

Also, is there a specific link to the webcast or is it simply through the
alltommorows parties page?

Maurice Rickard
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