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Re: (TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #351

Keith Allison wrote:
> Personally, I'd say Tom would have to have played much, much better than
> he did to take the attention off Richard. However, from what I could see
> most eyes were locked on Tom even when he wasn't actually doing much and
> Richard was ripping up the stage. That's the way it is (or seems to be,
> anyway). 

I've seen Television once (in '92), Richard once solo in '84 or so, and
Tom once in the Music for Films format.

I remember coming out of the '92 show with the realization that many
of the guitar bits I loved were Richard's.  Tom has for years gotten the
lion's share of the buzz for his guitar playing, and while he's great, I
think he's ended up taking some credit rightfully due to Richard.  

I certainly don't think it was intentional, but just sort of happened,
and it's not really the type of thing you can correct.  But when people
who have heard the recordings actually get to see the band, it's a bit of
a relevation to see that it's not just Tom's band, but a group of four
talented musicians, each of which are quite capable of exceptional
musical moments.

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