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Re: [(TV) Fan Feedback]

It's damned if you do and damned if you don't.  Prior to Camber Sands, the
consensus on the list seemed to be that Tom should've given Richard more solo
space in Television.  Now that he's doing just that, everyone wants more Tom. 
What I recall from the '92 shows is that, though Lloyd was doing most of the
lead guitar,  Verlaine's playing was much more than just rhythm.  He was still
interjecting his musical thoughts, keeping the interest level up, though in a
very subtle and, I dunno, adult kind of way.  Lloyd has hunkered down in the
intervening years and has become even more of a rock guitar god.  Verlaine has
concentrated on honing his unique, singular, otherworldly tone.  The two of
them together, I'd imagine, are still pure dynamite, even though the dynamic
might be a little different than in the past.  How I hope they make it as far
as NY...

- Jeff

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