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Re: (TV) Bootlegs

Are you saying my elusive and mysterious promo is a bootleg , Secret X ?

On a more serious note , wouldn't it be prudent to effectively eliminate the
majority of the need for bootlegs by releasing the material people want
privately , much like Pete Townshend does via his website . I dare say Pete
is more interested in the digital revolution than Tom is , but he releases
dozens of CDs only available from his sites and the fans buy 'em up without
the need of a bootlegger . If that was the case for TV material , all of us
would certainly get discs direct from Tom's 'people' rather than an illegal
outlet .

Anyone care to comment ?

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> Tom does not tolerate the selling of his bootlegs anywhere, and he does
> make efforts to stop the sales. He personally chastises the sellers when
> he can and he keeps a close eye on the shops in question.

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