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(TV) Grateful Dead

For TV-like guitar from the late, great Garcia, I'd
recommend checking out "Live Dead."  It was recorded
in early 1969 in San Francisco, during the band's
halcyon, psychedelic era and features some mighty
inspirational playing.  "Dark Star," one of the Dead's
greatest improvisational vehicles, has one of its
great readings on the album.  There's also the r & b
raveup "Lovelight" and other great stuff.

The Dead these days?

Although rhythm guitarist Bob Weir has been leading a
band called Ratdog for a bunch of years, which
actually predates Garcia's death, bass player Phil
Lesh has a band -- Phil Lesh and Friends -- that best
captures the spirit of the Dead.

For a few years, the lineup up the band was revolving,
but it's been the same since last fall. And they're
now playing some great improvisational music, drawing
primarily from the Dead's vast songbook, that IMO
reaches the heights of the Dead during their great
days.  I saw them twice last month and was amazed at
the level and energy of the music.  They'll be coming
this summer to amphitheatre near you and are highly recommended.

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