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Re: (TV) Plush

hey Cameron- i haven't seen HiFI yet tho i will at some point - i like John
Cusack a lot.
I'm still hoping that Liam has a classic album in him somewhere...
Good luck with your movie making btw

best   R.

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From: Cameron Pulley <cpulley@navicominc.com>

> It's a CD single.  It came out after the 45.  There's two different
> of Found A Little Baby (one is instrumental).  Yeah, Plush rocks.  Did you
> see Liam as the piano player in High Fidelity?
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> From: Raymond

> is this the 45? i have it with "Found a little baby" on the other side
> is one of my favourite records ever.I had big hopes for this guy but he
> doesn't seem to have done anything decent since - the subsequent album was
> very disappointed indeed.
> Ah the magic of the 45,the beauty of brevity....

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