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RE: (TV) Frisell

It took a while for me to "get" Frisell's playing. What put it over for me was the harder side of his work, particularly with John Zorn's Naked City (Joey Baron on drums, and another Seattlite, Wayne Horvitz on keys). _Radio_ is a fantastic introduction to that band for the uninitiated. There's an extensive review of it on AMG, actually...

Even more astonishing are the recordings I've heard of the very last Naked City shows. Man, I'd love to hear those whole sets. An amazingly tight band with a mastery of just about every genre.


At 11:10 AM -0700 5/3/01, Martin McClellan wrote:

Frisell is an amazing talent. Like some other greats in the jazz world, he
truly speaks through his instrument. I highly recommend seeing him live if
ever possible. His drummer Joey Baron is also truly jaw-dropping to watch
Maurice Rickard
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