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Re: (TV) TV Family Tree

> I'd like to make it as complete as possible; as Dennis says, hard to
> keep up with the man! Maybe Billy should have a tree of his own - for
> which, of course, I'd need some more info about what he's been doing all
> this time. Can you help there? Or Dennis?

Billy is working with a man named Bob Strano, who was at the Camber Sands
gig. They have a band called the 3tles.
Along with Bob and  Billy, Bob told me Fred Smith will be playing bass. The
lead guitarist in the band is Sam Andrews,
for you younger folks, he played guitar in a band called Big Brother and the
Holding Company. Quite an interesting line up.
They are going to do a UK tour in June. Don't know any dates yet, but will
keep the list informed , if that is ok with everyone.
I'm sure he has other irons in the fire but that is the only I know about
right now. I'll do my best to keep you informed Keith.
For all you NYC area listers, Bob Strano will be playing at CBGB's Gallery
on May 29th. It is billed as a Bob strano solo electric/acoustic gig, but he
also promises surprises, so I think it'd definitely be worth checking out.
He sent me an email
promoting the gig. Would it be permissible to copy it on this list so people
can see what I'm talking about? It definitely is Television related, but I
want to check in with the list before forwarding his email.
If Fred isn't doing the gig as Bob said he is, maybe I can weasel my way
into the bass slot! :)
Hope that helps with the Billy branch of the family tree.

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