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RE: (TV) Greetings

I stopped receiving posts around 5pm Monday. Did the site get flooded with
Lou Reed eulogies?
Regarding MM lyrics: 'Life in the hive puckered up my night.' I just can't
picture how someone's night can pucker up. Is the sky a giant set of lips?
Mick Jagger's lips? He's outside a graveyard waiting for a sign from Mick
(God) and then a Cadillac pulls out.
I'm thinking of that scene in Eyes Wide Shut where Tom Cruise returns to the
mansion the day after the party and a Rolls pulls out to give him a note
telling him to "cease his inquiries."

I ain't waiting - uh uh

I hope this message goes though.


From: Deb Brown
 Hey all,
Just joined your digest, and I wanted to say hello.  A few months ago I
purchased Marquee Moon, and from the moment See No Evil came hammering out
of the speakers, let's just say that I saw stars, and I've been seeing them
ever since.. the road to heaven truly IS paved with guitars.  Tom Verlaine
is absolutely *brill*!
I am just so happy to be here, and I thank you for your time.

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