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Re: (TV) the fans?

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michael.forster@unisys.com writes:

> If I recall correctly the main cause was heroin.  

I think it depended on who you talked to. If I remember right, Grant Hart was 
pretty badly hooked on heroin and Bob Mould probably would've said that was 
the problem. I think Grant would have told you that Bob was a control freak 
and was taking over the band.

It's hard to say for sure. What's clear in the interviews is that Bob and 
Grant *REALLY* don't get along anymore. Bob's "Poison Years" was his take on 
the subject, and Grant's "2541" was his (both great songs, BTW)

And to be complete, there were rumors that Bob and Grant (both of whom are 
gay) had a relationship that broke up (maybe as a result of the above), and 
that break up took the band with it. Bob's take on whether they had a 
relationship or not in an interview was "Grant wishes!", so who knows.

    -- Owen

Owen Gwilliam
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    -- Neil Innes, "Protest Song"
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