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(TV) Sublime

All -

Yes, the Chicago show was last night, and a group of list members saw each 
other face to face.  The show was real good, but I don't want to steal my 
cohorts thunder by describing the entire show.

But there was a moment that was truly sublime - and all due to a problem.

The band was closing out the show with Marquee Moon, and Tom was doing the 
building crescendo at the end of the break.  As he neared the climax, he (and 
I) looked over at Richard - who was no longer playing, or even standing.  He 
was kneeling down, trying to replace his guitar.

Verlaine looked over again as he reached the top, paused for a second, and 
then started the crescendo all over again, even more intense, with Fred and 
Billy following along.  And then, when Lloyd still had not recovered at the 
end of this burst, Verlaine went through it AGAIN, even more intense.  Richard 
recovered and joined in this time.

Whoo-whee.  Worth the price of admission.

- Rick G.

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