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RE: (TV) Now, I can die happy (Chicago review)

Wow wow wow wow!  Full review from me coming tonight, but
for the meantime:

--- Howard Webb <howard@lasercomp.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> I have heard from someone who attended that the vocals
> were mixed very low - is that right?

I thought that Tom was hard to hear at times, but this
morning Maurice said he had no problem hearing.  He was
back a little bit farther from the rest of us, so maybe it
was just the acoustics in the club..

As for Richard and Fred's backing vocals, I think we all
decided last night that their mics weren't even on! 
Actually, they were audible during Venus, but you couldn't
hear them at all during See No Evil or Glory.... but the
audience sing-a-long made up for it..

The show was amazing..


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