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(TV) Chicago

I was at the show, and must say that I witnessed two of those magical
moments that make live shows worth the hassles some of us go through to
attend. The coda to Marquee Moon in triplicate! Yes, Richard, I too
thought Lloyd looked bewildered as Tom broke into Psychotic Reaction,
but what a great finish. I drove down from London with my family with
intentions of meeting at Heaven on Seven, but my car broke down in
Jackson, Michigan, so I blew into town at 7:30 after repairs were done.
Got to the Metro at 8:15, and had to stand near the back, which irked me
at first, 'til I closed my eyes and transported myself to 1880 or so.
Really sorry to have missed the opportunity to meet fellow list members,
actually saw two slightly older audience members hanging about at the
front of the stage after the show and asked them if they were list
members. They denied knowing a list even existed, and asked me for the
info. All I could think of at the time was Santadog.com , so not sure if
they ever found us. If you did, cheers! I also saw four people leaving
the show who I imagined were list members, but instead of asking them, I
simply offered them some postcards . I had a black coat and T-Shirt, it
wasn't any of you was it? 
Next day I went back to Lincoln Park area to check out the record shops
and see if I could find The Strokes E.P, as I only have that great trio
of songs on my hard disk. I never found it, or anyone who had ever heard
of it, but I had fun searching. Any way, sorry to bore, I'm back to
BTW, many thanks to the sweet leaf sharing guy who was ecstatically
pogoing to Little Johnny Jewell in front of me. I never had the nerve to
ask him if he was a list member...
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