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(TV) another Chicago review

First of all, I don't think Tom had a tremolo bar on his guitar here, I
might have missed it, though it looked like his little finger was wrapped
around the volume knob, and he was using it with some pedal to get the
violin effect.

The metro was a pretty cool place, the crowd very indie.  The house lent
itself very well to rhythm section, which was cool.  After so long of being
weaned on bootlegs and such, you forget that Fred Smith was there.  And was
he there, with a very haggard-Bob-Dylanish Billy Ficca in force.  They gave
"1880 or so" full rock treatment that sounded wonderful on it, honestly, it
was probably the best version of I heard.  Ditto on "Rhyme", with the bass
and drums in force, the song was truly creepy, the perfect atmosphere.
    Though this worked against "Little Johnny Jewel", but everyone seemed to
be playing it pretty goofy anyway, with Verlaine doing his violin effect and
walking around past the other band members until they laughed (Smith
included). So I guess this one might not come across to well on any boots.
    Lloyd looked quite detached expect during his solos, where he just let
it loose.  Though, whenever Verlaine would make a quip, he would pull a faux
Gene Simmons, and show the audience his tongue. Maybe it was his guitar
getting on his nerves, everyone's saying he changed it because he broke a
string but, he looked a hell of a lot happier when he was playing the other
one...  And as for the Marquee Moon debacle, which you probably read
elsewhere, I found it really cool.. this was some true improv with two
outros, and a extended call and response bit between Verlaine and Ficca
before Lloyd came back in.
    All in all it was terrific,

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