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(TV) another chicago review

firstly - the critics are idiots (really goes without saying)
to criticize television for not capitalizing on a warm reception by slamming
into , say, see no evil, is to miss the point completely and all further
criticism can be disregarded.
ditto the idea of saying television doesn't have strong enough songs, it is
the reading that makes them strong, and virtually uncoverable by others

on to the show
very warm welcome from the audience, the band eases (an understatement) into
something another lister called 'clouds'
then 1880 or so
at which point i tell my friend i am satisfied with the evening - nothing
could make it much better
the hilite for me was ljj
the low point was what felt to me like coasting reads of venus, evil and a
couple other faves
but so what - you cannot recreate history, so why try too hard?
face it, this was a 'filthy lucre' show and to pretend otherwise would be
but the band made the most of it and seemed (for the most part) to be
enjoying themselves and even loosened up a bit
and marquee moon suceeded in failure - quite unlike the other walk-throughs
personally, the absense of polish was precisely what made for an honest
wonderful evening
i wouldn't change a thing

(so how was heaven on seven? - in my experience the only worthwhile one is
the original - but i havn't tried the southport location)

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