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(TV) Fw: Richard Thompson

I saw him in March. He was excellent !

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From: "Russ Van Rooy" <russvr@blarg.net>
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Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2001 6:43 PM
Subject: OT: Richard Thompson

> Hi  folks. I just wanted to tell everyone what a great show Richard
> put on here in Seattle last Monday evening. It was an acoustic show ,but
> Richard was in fantastic form - just attacking his guitar wrenching
> beautiful sounds from string and voice. I don't know what others may think
> ,but I think Thompson has a great voice with quite a range. Anyway he
> everything  I wanted to hear including the Fairport era "Genesis Hall"
> "Beeswing" and "1952 Vincent Black Lightning". He's also a very funny guy
> cracking jokes and singing some really hillarious songs like his ode to
> ancient Egypt "My Daddy was a Mummy". And jokes about Kenny G. If Richard
> Thompson is in your neighborhood, go see him . He's definitely on fire.
> - Russ

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