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Re: (TV) Spin's List - Da Whole Thing

(catching up on back email)

--- Jay Pontrelli <jaypontrelli@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Actually it's a pretty solid list and I think it's
> best not to lump TV in as punk anyway. 
> However, the omission of the Adverts is inexcusable
> under any legitimate objective or subjective standard.

I agree. I also like SPIN's list for simply "being different" - although
arguably SPIN has made a career out of purposefully being different. It's not
the same "Punk" list I've seen dozens of times, and the omission of notables
like Television and Patti Smith avoids the entire (and tiresome) "What IS
punk?" argument.

> PS  Blank Generation is overrated (sorry Philip).

Ok. Did I ever say it was the greatest album ever (search the archives if you
don't believe me)? I've always liked the album, but I will definitely allow
that it has some weak songs, etc. 

Hey, what's wrong with this list, anyhow? I say that I think Patti Smith is
overrated and I practically get mail-bombed with insults; Jay calls a
much-praised (former) member of Television overrated and you guys leave him
alone? Huh.


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