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RE: (TV) Sustenance

Did you like "oh?" The lyrics read very nicely as a poem, but the song just
didn't gel for me. He doesn't sing with passion anymore like on "Walking On
The Water" (a perfect track). When I first saw the title (and waited for the
download on my old dialup connection) I thought it might be a sequel to
'Liars Beware'. Yes Blank Generation has some weak tracks but (sue me if you
must) I always lift the needle off Marquee Moon a couple of seconds into
'Torn Curtain' (and then put it right back on Guiding Light of course).
Screw perfect albums and perfection in general.
I don't think if a few people hold Blank as their favorite, that that would
make it overrated. Most people I know have never heard of it. It never gets
any play on my college radio station (even though 'Down At The Rock N Roll
Club' blows away anything on the current Matador roster and 'Love Comes In
Spurts'? - the Blank version? - fuggetaboutit!). Richard Hell kicks ass,
dude! He's number one with a zip gun. If Wesley Willis had read 'Go Now'
he'd probably say that it 'whipped Saddam Hussein's ass' so go man go and
Hell's website kicks too.
But ...
Has there been any contact about or any attempt at a Hell/Verlaine

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Really? I know Richard had offers to do Voidoids shows last year, when "Oh"
released and the whole band was together, but I was under the impression
he wasn't interested at all.

Do you know anymore about this?


--- Todd Ellenberg <hotfkintuna@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Richard Hell is shopping for legal representation and,
> I suppose, a subsequent record deal.  I'd love to see
> the original Voidoids playing again. They were a sharp
> band (especially when Richard had his shit together).

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