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(TV) Lloyd CD review

Here in the UK we have two major guitar magazines - Guitar and Guitarist.
This month Guitarist has a big feature on the Eagle's Hotel California and 
Guitar has a feature on Richard Thompson.
Guitar also gives Richard Thompson's Action Packed compilation joint CD of 
the month billing along with Richard Lloyd's The Cover Doesn't Matter CD.
Here's the review of the Lloyd CD from Guitar:

Richard Lloyd - The Cover Doesn't Matter (Evangeline)
Long much beloved of those in the know, yet still far too under-recognised, 
Lloyd is one of those rare talents who combines both the ability to craft 
subtle, evocative sonic textures and then to break loose and solo like a 
demon when called for. From Ain't It Time's ultra-slow-vibed voilining 
guitar hooks and circling rhythmic figure to I thought's tearaway 
improvised outro, to Raising The Serpent's thouroughly unhinged Strat 
workout, he reminds us time and again how much he contributed to lifting 
Television out of the scrum of the punk/new wave melee in late 70's New 
York. Growing old gracefully? Stuff that - this is a lesson in aging with 
attitude, and never losing your love of a note pushed to the edge.

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