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(TV) Why I am on this list

Folks -

This list is a gathering of individuals who share a common interest, and this 
type of contact helps out in those situations where you come across something 
that only a small, focused subsection of the world's population would find 
interesting and/or funny.  As in this section of an article from the Wall 
Street Journal's Wednesday, May 23, 2001 issue called 'Spit Happens" -


In Beaver Dam, Wis., a police sergeant whose mouth started burning as he ate a 
chalupa from Taco Bell had it analyzed and was told that it was laced with a 
sink sanitizer, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case.  . . . .

James Yonkie (sic), a 21-year-old fast-food veteran, and a co-worker were 
charged in Dodge County, Wis. Circuit court last year for allegedly 
contaminating the chalupa with sink cleaner.  In March, Mr. Yonkie pleaded no 
contest to disorderly conduct.  In addition to the 40 hours of community 
service he must serve as a condition of his court agreement, Mr. Yonkie must 
tell all future fast-food employees about the incident.  As a condition of his 
plea agreement, he must testify in the pending criminal trial of Keith 
Williamson, his former best friend and Taco Bell co-worker.  Mr. Williamson is 
charged with "placing foreign objects in an edible".

In an interview, Mr. Yonkie, who maintains his innocence, says he despises 
such acts.  Nonetheless, he concedes he understands how a patrol car in the 
drive-through lane might induce mischief among some fast food workers with a 
distaste for authority.  "It's like, 'Oh, yeah, you think you're so big? Well, 
then I'm going to show you.' ", Mr. Yonkie says, adding that for those in the 
fast-food industry, such people "give us all a bad name".


Evidently, it really is Yonki time.

- Rick G.

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