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(TV) Amazon

Just got a newsletter from Amazon.com which mentions Marque Moon -

"Noise Pop Chicago
Marquee Moon
After seeing a super-rare performance by the newly reunited Television
at the Noise Pop festival in Chicago, it's hard to stop listening to
their classic debut album, Marquee Moon, the record that made guitar
solos safe again for the punk crowd. Unlike most any other reunion
show in recent memory, Television's performance was beautiful. By
slowing their songs down to a jazzy, levitational pace, Tom Verlaine,
Billy Ficca, Fred Smith, and Richard Lloyd showed that a band can get
back together after seven-plus years apart to play 20-year-old songs
and make them sound as fresh as ever."

Here's hoping they've sparked enough interest to get all those
unreleased Tom Verlaine albums released...


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