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(TV) television to appear in seattle

i can't fucking believe it myself!  holy mother!


It's hard to believe Experience Music Project is on the verge of
celebrating its one-year anniversary already. And while this year's bash
won't be nearly as big a blowout as the three-day opening wingding was,
it's certainly no slouch, either. Celebrations begin on Tuesday, June 19
with a performance by Little Richard. Iron Butterfly, Big Brother and the
Holding Company, and Quicksilver Messenger Service play on Wednesday, June
20; TELEVISION and Joel R. L. Phelps take the stage on Thursday, June 21;


and the next morning after television grace my city, i get on a plane to
go see pete townshend in la jolla, california.  one day later and i would
have missed it.

this is not yet on the emp web site yet, www.emplive.com.  tickets
generally go on sale to members ahead of time and then the general public.
i am *gulp* a member (hey, for stuff like this and a lecture with sam
phillips and peter guralnick, it's pretty worth it!) and will keep the
list informed.  i don't know what my ability will be to help out people
with tickets, but i will help if i can, especially for those travelling
out of town - please don't email me about it yet, as there's nothing to
purchase :)

i am so fucking excited.
there is a goddess.


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