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(TV) The Edge on Verlaine

Pulled from a Bowie newsletter:

The Edge and U2 come to town revitalized, and as vital as ever
By JANE STEVENSON -- Toronto Sun

In one short paragraph, U2 guitarist The Edge might have summed up the reason
for the veteran Irish rockers' enduring popularity after more than two decades
of making music together. 

As a young guitar player in the '70s, The Edge said he was influenced by the
likes of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd from Television -- "particularly the
first record, Marquee Moon" -- as well as by Robert Fripp, David Bowie's
guitarist Carlos Alomar (co-author of Fame) and Magazine's John McGeogh. 

The Edge also cited Verlaine as an influence in Rolling Stone a few years ago,
when the U2 2CD collection came out. There was one U2 b-side in particular that
The Edge called his attempt to ape Verlaine & Lloyd, but I can't remember which
it was anymore.


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