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Re: (TV) RE: Beatles Influence on Television


Maybe Tom had the Cars on his mind because Television's champion at Warner-Elektra-Atlantic was A&R exec extraordinaire Karin Berg, who signed the Cars to Elektra shortly after she signed TV. Their commercial success kept TV on the label until the great music biz meltdown of 1980, and believe it or not Elektra had similar commercial hopes for TV.

Try to imagine "Ain't That Nothin'" with synths, a slick production, and Ben Orr singing--it might sound a bit like the Cars "Let's Go".

Rik Ocasek and Ben Orr were major TV fans. I'm not sure if Ben was still living in Cleveland when TV played the Piccadilly Inn in 1975, but if so I'm sure he was there.

Jim K.

At 10:16 AM 8/1/2001 +0000, karin christensen wrote:
i read somewhere that tom v. claimed that the cars were "like a commercial televesion", when he talked about television influences in other bands.

i cannot hear the tv influence in the cars? what does tom mean?

i can hear it in echo and the bunnymen, luna, g allaxie 500, sonic youth and the pixies etc, but seriously - the cars?
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