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RE: (TV) OT: Earliest memory of rock

The first rock 'n' roll album I ever had was The Beatles - Something New.
My dad bought it for me.  I was six and pneumonia.  It was good (the tape,
not the illness - that part sucked).  Seeing as I'd never heard a lot of pop
music before (my parents are classical music listeners), it really was
something new.
I really liked the Beatles and The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stones as a
young kid, then I stopped listening to music for a while.  I started to get
into big band and swing music around the time that Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer
were cool among the 10 year old crowd.  I hated all that stuff.  Then, a
couple of years later, I heard the Sex Pistols (Original Pistols Live) in my
friend's basement.  I decided that rock 'n' roll was pretty cool.  So it
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