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RE: (TV) Re: TV Digest V1 #447

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> Dude, if F. Scott had finished "The Love of the Last Tycoon", we wouldn't
> be
> sitting around talking about SGT PEPPER vs. PET SOUNDS vs. EXILE vs. DARK
> vs. MARQUEE MOON etc. It would have been THE masterpiece of the 20th
> century.
> If he had just had the support of his publisher and editor, if the public
> had
> been a little more understanding, if he could have purged his inner demons
> and
> stayed away from the booze... oh well. "Too fast to live, too young to
> die,
> bye-bye." I hear that even the unfinished stuff in the vaults is
> unbelievable!
> Of course, I really think he changed his name to "Stag Cleft Do-Fritz" and
> is
> hiding out in Africa with JM.
[Mullen, Patrick Q]  The SHORT STORIES !!!  "A Diamond as Big as the Ritz".
That should have been a T-Rex Song too.


It is not the big armies that win battles; it is the good ones.
		Marechal Maurice Comte de Saxe, Mes Reveries, 1732

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