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(TV) OT - Brel/Gainsbourg - Eric's Goldmine

With all this talk of Brel/Gainsbourg, I thought I'd let y'all know of the goldmine I'm sitting on. I received a box of vinyl as part of an inheritance of an uncle that passed away in 1995 - here is a list of some of the gems:

- James Brown ; Papa's Got a Brand New Bag / Polygram (first year of release - '65 i think)
- Miles Davis ; Sketches Of Spain / Columbia
- Miles Davis ; In A Silent Way - Columbia
- Miles Davis ; At Carnegie Hall - Columbia
- Billie Holiday ; The Unforgettable Lady Day - Verve (1960!!!)
- Elvis Presley ; Spinout - RCA (I had this tape when I was a kid!)
- Jacques Brel ; A l'Olympia '62
- Jacques Brel ; Les Flammandes
- Alain Bashung ; Pizza - Barclay
- Gainsbourg ; Histoire de Melody Nelson - Polygram
- The Rolling Stones ; Flowers(!!!) - (didn't get the label for this one, but i'm assuming, ABCKO, London?)
-Louis Armstrong ; Hello Dolly - MCA (64? 65?)
- Bobby Womack ; Fly Me To The Moon

I'm receiving all of this next week. I can't wait. There are apparently some 45s in there as well, some early Arethas and other things. It will definitely be fun.

Eric out.

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