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re: (TV) Q: Rain Parade

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<<  Last but not least, despite years of haunting used record stores (I 
assume this only exists on a vinyl version) I've never been able to find the 
Rain Parade's cover of  "Ain't That Nothin' ".  Any one ever hear it and is 
it any good?  (What about the Rain Parade's music in general any worth 
recommending?  >>

Rain Parade's cover appears on a live record entitled "Beyond the SUnset". 
Their version is kinda plain but maybe thats just in comparison to the TV 
original and the pinnacles reached by Rain Parade on their first record (Rain 
Parade). After recording their debut (and playing a  couple of tours) 
founding member David Roback left to play in what eventually became known as 
Opal. Roback wasnt replaced for their second release... an EP entitled 
Explosions in the Glass Palace but it contains some material that David had a 
hand in composing and it is pretty good.  Then came the aforementioned live 
LP (recorded as a 5-piece but nothing special the last time i tuned in to it) 
and then a full length LP called Crashing Dreams which I recall doing nothing 
for me at the time but maybe its time I give it another chance.  
Regardless...their self-titled debut is, at times, transcendental.,

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