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(TV) Re: hendrix on carson

here's what i remember. i suspect it was the summer of 69 so i would have just turned 10. friday nites were a big deal in my household. my father was usually out drinking beer , but my uncle (who was really cool--in '74 he gave me a copy of eno's "warm jets" & the miles "in concert" double for my birthday!) came over. anyways on fridays, he'd hang out w/me & we'd watch tv & get a pizza & i'd get to stay up late. so we were eating pizza & watching carson & now that i think about it the host was flip wilson. (i used to watch flip's comedy show on nbc during that era.) i remember jimi wearing some blue psychedelic outfit playing a white guitar (that i now realize must have been the woodstock strat) in front of a stack of amps (that i now know are marshalls). even in my youth i remember the performance striking me as not being too together. that's why i think it was '69 sky church era. they either played two songs or started one & stopped & started again. i believe jimi did go to the couch to banter w/flip. no---he didn't jam w/doc. i'm sure hendrix scholars can correct my memories of over 30 years ago. while i've collected a number of hendrix live collectables over the past year, the tonight show audio has escaped me. either way, it was a big deal for me. my first good guitar was a '72 start. i also had a marshall.
(btw, i now have a '65 jazzmaster---tom, thurston.....)

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