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Really? My copy of NO DEPOSIT / NO RETURN looks like a CD-R with a label on it.
I assumed it had only been issued as a CD-R.

What a crappy bootleg, anyhow. First, I can't find any different between the
first six tracks and what actually appears on FLASH LIGHT - I think those 6
just come from the promo sampler for FLASH LIGHT, and don't differ from the LP
versions in any way. 

Second, while it looks great to get all those uncollected b-sides from '84 and
'87, the sound quality is quite poor - flat, no highs, etc. Sounds like a CD
made from a cassette dubbed from a cassette dubbed from a cassette dubbed from
a cassette dubbed from a cassette etc.

Third, adding insult to injury, the cover art is lifted from an old vinyl boot
that mixed live Verlaine and TV tracks (LAST WORD IS THE LOST WORD). And the
back cover art... man. I guess they called it NO RETURN so people wouldn't
literally try to return it!


--- Cameron Pulley <cpulley@navicominc.com> wrote:
> two more "silver-backed":
> tom verlaine - no deposit/no return

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