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RE: (TV) Inflation in prices/other stuff

--- Cameron Pulley <cpulley@navicominc.com> wrote:
> I was wondering if you have ever heard the first show on Songs From the
> Bank.  I believe that Subterranean is selling it (which, um, naturally makes
> it okay), and i was wondering if it is worth getting.  it's one of the few I
> have seen that has Mr. Blur live.

Hmmm. I don't have this disc, believe it or not, but I might have it on the
Funpack. I'll have to doublecheck at home.

> my CD version of Tom Verlaine LP is very strange.  It doesn't look like a
> Japanese release, however, all the lyrics in the booklet are wrong
> (horribly).  At the end, it reads: "Transcribed by Stanley."  Anyone know
> the history?

I believe *all* CD releases of TOM VERLAINE are derived from the Japanese CD
release, and that's where "Stanley"'s transcriptions come from. In fact, flip
over your CD case and look at the back, near the bottom. You'll see a black
censor bar covering up a single line in the middle of the copyrights. That line
says something like, "All Rights Reserved by Elektra Japan". On the Japanese CD
release, that line is not hidden. I'm not sure where the CD you have is from -
I think the UK or Germany - but I know they've just copied the Japanese CD
release, right down to the credits.

The Japanese CD also comes with an insert containing a big essay on Verlaine...
in Japanese! Leo was nice enough to provide a translation a few months back,
which you can find in the MM Archives (http://tv.obbard.com).


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