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Re: (TV) Marquee Moon ... a different version ?

Frank asked:

have been lurkin' for some time now ...
On an url mentioned on the mmml I've read,
that the cd version of "MM" (the song) differs
from the vinyl version.
Is this true and if so what's the difference?

Non-digesters must have answered by now, but just in case: The major difference I'm aware of is that on the LP the song "Marquee Moon" ends with a fade just as it sounds like the band is starting the song all over again, while on the CD the song isn't faded but has a "real" ending. I prefer the LP version. It's probably mainly because that's what I knew first, but my rationalization is that the song is filled with images of cycles and repetition ("I remember how the darkness doubled," "Well, the Cadillac pulled out of the graveyard ... The Cadillac pulled back into the graveyard" - I'm going from memory here), so giving the impression that the song is repeating itself over again at the end seems apt.

Anyone know why it was changed?

- Jesse
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